About Seed by mi

About Us

Hey there, fellow pet enthusiasts! Welcome to Seed by Mi, where our founder Sammi, a proud pet parent to two cats and a dog, has been crafting magic since 2013 in the vibrant city of Hong Kong.

Sammi's Passion

Sammi's love for our furry friends sparked the idea behind Seed by Mi. She's the creative brain, the heart, and the soul behind turning pet moments into personalised treasures.

Meet Khaki

Adding to the mix is Khaki, Sammi's partner and a wizard with 3D art. Together, they make magic happen by blending artistic flair with technological expertise.

Crafting Uniqueness

Whether you fancy a quick and affordable piece with Fur Friends Fusion or a bespoke creation with a custom 3D model, Sammi's hands work their magic on each piece.

Your Journey Begins

So, ready to turn your pet's charm into a masterpiece? Dive into our world, pick a stunning piece, and let Sammi and Khaki work their creative mojo. 🎨🐾

 Today, Seed by Mi proudly calls the UK home🇬🇧, where our passion for crafting beautiful and meaningful handcrafted pieces continues to flourish. We invite you to explore our collection, each piece carrying the essence of our dedication and the charm of handmade artistry. Join us on this journey where every piece tells a story. Thank you for being part of our story and for supporting handmade creativity!

Sammi - about us

Sammi Tang