Capture Their Spirit, Cherish Their Memory

Handcrafted 3D replicas of your pets, providing comfort and companionship for those who miss them dearly.


The Art of Pet Expression 🎨🐾

Welcome to Seed by Mi, where we transform pet dreams into heartwarming handcrafted masterpieces. Our passion lies in creating exquisite 3D models of your furry friends, each meticulously printed and brought to life with Sammi's tender hand-painting.

Curious about custom orders? Absolutely! At Seed by Mi, we celebrate the uniqueness of your pet and offer a diverse range of items for you to cherish. Explore our heartfelt selection of pendants, rings, figurines, and more, each capturing the essence of your beloved companions. 

With Seed by Mi, you have the opportunity to make your pet's tale truly timeless. 🌱🐾🌟

Every creation at Seed by Mi is a testament to the love and care we pour into our handcrafted pieces. Join us in celebrating the special bond you share with your pets through art that tells a story. Welcome to our warm and creative space, where your pet's essence is transformed into beautiful, tangible memories. 🌈🐾✨

  • Ben Evans

    Beautiful work, and very responsive! Would highly recommend for the pet lover in your life.

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  • Beryl Kwok

    It’s my luck to get to know this lovely 3D print. I have mine customised and love it very much. They are about 90%-100% alike of my real cats. Also I have a very good experience with Sammi customer services. It takes a bit of time to get the 4 of them altogether but it worth for the wait to get this quality. Good job and good luck for the business!

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  • Amy Tsang

    The shop owner crafted it with care, excellent workmanship, very satisfied!

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