Adorable Pug dog 🐶 3D Print Jewelry

Made to order and handcrafted
Ships worldwide from Hong Kong 🇭🇰
Free Shipping on any order of over HK$500 for the region of Hong Kong and Macau, over US$83 for other regions.
Packed in a card box 📦
Production Time⏳: PLA & Copperfill item shipped within 14 to 21 calendar days. Colored item shipped within 24 to 31 calendar days.
Once in production progress, returned, exchanged or refunded are not allowed.

👆360 3D model viewer

Size & Weight


Charm Size Small:
18W 16D 20H mm / 0.7W 0.63D 0.78H inch
Charm Size Medium:
22W 20D 25H mm / 0.88W 0.8D 0.98H inch
Brooch🧷 / Magnet🧲 Size Large:
38W 22D 43H mm / 1.5W 0.88D 1.68H inch
Brooch🧷 / Magnet🧲 Size Medium:
23W 15D 25H mm / 0.89W 0.59D 0.98H inch
Ring💍 Size inner diameter:
from 15 to 22 mm / 0.6 to 0.87 inch
* for accurate ring size measurement, please see optional tab
Length of cord 🧵 Necklace & Bracelet:
Necklace 80 cm / 31 inches
Bracelet adjustable from 15 to 30 cm / 6 to 12 inches
Cord color option in the optional tab
Custom length available on request.
Length of chain 🔗 Necklace:
42cm / 16.5 inches
For Copperfill item only.
Custom length available on request.

Weights (gram)⚖️

Colored Charm Small: 1.2 g
Colored Charm Medium: 2.1 g
Copperfill Charm Small: 5.5 g
Copperfill Charm Medium: 10 g
Brooch /
Magnet Large:
7 g
Colored Ring Size #7: 3 g

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