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Offering the SAME type of pet in a combo set only.

Made to order and handcrafted
Ships worldwide from Hong Kong 🇭🇰
Free Shipping on any order of over HK$500 for the region of Hong Kong and Macau, over US$83 for other regions.
Packed in a card box 📦
Production Time⏳: PLA & Copperfill item shipped within 14 to 21 calendar days. Colored item shipped within 24 to 31 calendar days.
Once in production progress, returned, exchanged or refunded are not allowed.

Colored Combo (ring, medium charm bracelet/necklace, large brooch/magnet)
👆Colored Combo includes :
- A ring
- Medium charm bracelet or necklace
- Large brooch or magnet.

Copperfill Combo (small charm necklace, earrings, ring)
👆Copperfill Combo includes :
- Small charm necklace
- A pair of earrings
- A ring

Combo Mix (PLA earrings, colored ring, copperfill medium charm necklace, colored large brooch/magnet)
👆Combo Mix includes :
- A pair of PLA earrings
- Colored ring
- Copperfill medium charm necklace
- Colored large brooch or magnet
Size & Weight


Charm Size Small:
18W 16D 20H mm / 0.7W 0.63D 0.78H inch
Charm Size Medium:
22W 20D 25H mm / 0.88W 0.8D 0.98H inch
Brooch🧷 / Magnet🧲 Size Large:
38W 22D 43H mm / 1.5W 0.88D 1.68H inch
Brooch🧷 / Magnet🧲 Size Medium:
23W 15D 25H mm / 0.89W 0.59D 0.98H inch
Ring💍 Size inner diameter:
from 15 to 22 mm / 0.6 to 0.87 inch
* for accurate ring size measurement, please see optional tab
Length of cord 🧵 Necklace & Bracelet:
Necklace 80 cm / 31 inches
Bracelet adjustable from 15 to 30 cm / 6 to 12 inches
Cord color option in the optional tab
Custom length available on request.
Length of chain 🔗 Necklace:
42cm / 16.5 inches
For Copperfill item only.
Custom length available on request.

Weights (gram)⚖️

Colored Charm Small: 1.2 g
Colored Charm Medium: 2.1 g
Copperfill Charm Small: 5.5 g
Copperfill Charm Medium: 10 g
Brooch /
Magnet Large:
7 g
Colored Ring Size #7: 3 g

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